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Charla Burill is a Michigan and North Carolina licensed attorney and an RDN.  Charla joined the NC Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (NCBDN), the NC licensing board for dietitians and nutritionists, as its Executive Director in 2010.  From 2015 - 2022 Charla served as the NCBDN’s “liaison personnel.” As a registered liaison Charla worked on behalf of the NCBDN to advocate for modernization of the NC Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act. After NC updated its practice act in 2018, Charla worked to assist other states in pursuing similar legislation.  In 2022 Charla was awarded the Council on Licensure Regulation and Enforcement’s Consumer Protection Award for her work on modernizing dietetics licensure laws across the country. In January of 2023 Charla joined the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as Senior Director, State Legislative & Government Affairs where she guides work on state advocacy, including licensure and the Dietitian Licensure Compact.  


Prior to working for the NCBDN, Charla worked as an attorney at an international law firm in Detroit, Michigan.  Charla serves on the NC Bar Association’s Administrative Law Council, has served as a volunteer attorney for Legal Aid of NC, and served on the board of Farmer Foodshare from 2015-2022, serving as Chair from 2020-2022.

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