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Reporting Harm and Unlicensed Practice

Situations Warranting Filing A Claim Can Include:

  • Someone harmed by the “care” given by an unlicensed person.

  • An unqualified individual conducting nutrition assessment and counseling.

  • Someone practicing nutrition who has a revoked medical or nursing license.

  • A person with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition from an unaccredited university unaware that practicing nutrition in Montana requires a license.

  • Unqualified individuals representing themselves as a nutritionist.

Report incidents of harm to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry


Montana Department of Labor and Industry
Professional Licensing Bureau
P.O. Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620
Phone: (406) 444-6880

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding consumer protection
or reporting harm, please contact MTAND at


Inciden Reportin

Incident Reporting

For Reporting Harm and Documenting Stories of Success

The Academy developed the Incident Reporting Tool to support its efforts to protect the public, enhance the quality of nutrition care and promote self-regulation of the profession.

Whether you are using this Incident Reporting Tool as a consumer or as a health care provider, your efforts are critical in ensuring the public is provided excellent care and that service delivery is documented to ensure high standards of professional practice in the future

Likewise reporting excellence in care is essential in assuring the services delivered are documented for future standards of professional practice.

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