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State Level Leadership

Positions and Responsibilities

Public Policy Chair (PPC)

The PPC is the liaison to the Academy’s staff with policy issue responsibilities. This position coordinates federal action alerts and leads planning for the Academy’s public policy workshop (PPW) activities.

State Policy Representative (SPR)

The SPR tracks state legislative issues and takes the lead on coordinating appointments with the Governor’s office, and state legislators, especially during state legislative session.

State Regulatory Specialist (SRS)

The SRS tracks regulatory issues of importance and keeps up to date on current statutes and rules impacting the dietetic practice.
Nutrition Services Payment Specialist (NSPS)
The NSPS serves as a local resource for members who have questions about reimbursement issues. They help facilitate the use of the Academy’s coding and coverage resources and leads local advocacy efforts to expand federal and state nutrition coverage policies.
Consumer Protection Coordinator (CPC)
The CPC monitors consumer protection issues and their impact on the affiliate’s licensure statute and related issues. This position monitors meetings of the licensure board (Board of Medical Examiners) and reports back to the affiliate board on issues pertaining to nutritionist licensure. This position advocates for reporting cases of documented harm to the licensure board.
Affiliate Delegate
This Affiliate Delegate serves as the affiliate’s representative in the House of Delegates (HOD) and keeps the membership up to date on professional issues and represents the Affiliate in the HOD (which is the governing body for the Academy) and develops policies on major dietetic issues.
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